Technology checklist

We’ve created a ‘technology checklist’, where we’ve tried to identify the features of flight dynamics – among others things – and where we see room for improvement, as we support the game after launch, on October 27 2011.

Take On Technology

Take On Technology

Feature Status
Autorotation yes
Transitional Lift


Retreating Blade Stall yes
Vortex Ring State planned in patch
Fuel Consumption yes
Weight Load yes
Wind Direction & Speed yes
Engine Temperature (hotstarts) yes
Transmission & Engine Stress (overtorque) yes
Rotors, Landing Gear, Hull & Avionics Damage yes
Authentic simulated gauges in 3D cockpit (Barometric altimeter, RPM, Torque, Temperature) simplified gauges as helper in both imperial/metric units. yes
Winch, Sling, & Fast-rope Simulation yes
Interactive 3D cockpit with simplified startup sequences based on real life operating manuals (electrical source, starter, APU, throttle, radio, lights) yes
Scaleable difficulty settings: Autohover, auto-trim, auto-startup, reduced stress limits. yes
Interactive aircraft inspection/pre-flight checks yes
Maintenance & customisation of helicopter equipment yes
Dual controls allowing to switch pilot and copilot roles during flight. yes
As a copilot player can operate infrared camera, searchlight, doorguns yes