Take On Updates: Return of the Update!

Even during this busy GamesCom week, we managed to get out an update to our Community Preview! Anybody with either a copy of Operation Arrowhead or Arma 2: Reinforcements can download, install, and get a feel of our light helicopter and its associated flight model!

Community Preview Update 7

Community Preview Update 7

Some really interesting User Interface additions in Update 7, including:

  • IGUI customizing: moving individual elements around to your liking
  • IGUI damage and warning indicators
  • Picture-In-Picture toggle and shadow visibility distance options

On the simulation side there also have been some fixes, improvements and additions:

  • Improved temperature simulation and hot start damage
  • Fuel consumption handled better

More information can be found on the official forums, with the full details packaged in with the read me file, bundled with our distribution!

Here at Team Take On, we sincerely hope you enjoy your flight!