Take On Updates: A New Hope Update!

Today sees the 5th revision of our Community Preview go live. Anybody with either a copy of Operation Arrowhead or Arma 2: Reinforcements can download, install, and get a feel of our light helicopter and its associated flight model!

Community Preview Update 5

We’ve built upon some of the feedback from last week’s release, and had time to include some of the new features that didn’t quite make it Update 4!

Some of the highlights of Update 5:

  • Configurable linear multiplication factor added for all joystick axes’ sensitivity
  • Analogue gauges improved
  • Helicopter controls added for cockpit interaction

As always, more information can be found on the official forums, with the full details packaged in with the read me file, bundled with our distribution!

Here at Team Take On, we sincerely hope you enjoy your flight!