Take On Tutorials!

Today we’re releasing some brand new information about the Take On Helicopters’ tutorials!

Below, you can find our more information, including our new developers blog post, screenshots and a brand new video!

Take On Tutorials!

Take On Tutorials!

Tutorials are an important part of our playable content, as we’re keen to help support a variety of different kinds of players. Below you can find an extract from our blog post:

There’s just no getting past it: helicopters can be hideously complex machines, about which the vast majority of people know very little. They’re also an absolute pleasure to master, and have an enormous variety of practical applications in real life.  Tutorials, then, are incredibly important.

To read on, head over to the official Bohemia Interactive website!

Take On TutorialsTake On Tutorials

We’ve also put together a video of one of the tutorials (‘Start Up and Shutdown’); it’s a play through of the first section of the lesson, the guided start up!