Take On Patches!

Take On Helicopters was released digitally on October 27th, and now – roughly one week later – we’re happy to update you all on our immediate plans for supporting the game!

Take On Helicopters!

Take On Helicopters!

Read more below to get the full run down from the Take On Helicopters project lead.

We hope you’ve been enjoying your first few hours taking on helicopters! We’ve enjoyed reading your feedback and are hard-at-work going through the posts here and on the Community Issue Tracker (CIT).

We’d like to provide a quick update on the plan to continue our tradition of supporting games post-release

Patch 1 (version 1.02, “Alki”)

  • to be released as soon as we’re satisfied with our internal testing and are able to distribute it (development on this patch is already closed).
  • it provides some cool tweaks to various systems, but focuses chiefly upon tuning the Career, its finances and some of the contracts.

Patch 2 (version 1.03, Bainbridge”)

  • The major flight model tweaks have been pushed to Patch 3, because they are rather advanced and we need to time to do them properly (in cooperation with our partners).
  • Patch 2 will have a lot more miscellaneous fixes to all areas of the game, although we’d expect to include some smaller FM tweaks.

Patch 3 (version TBC, Cougar”)

  • A larger update in which we aim to do tweaks to the flight model, based on feedback and close cooperation with RTDynamics
  • These changes are not trivial and affect all gameplay, so we need to make sure it does not do more harm than good..

A note on beta patches: just like our previous games, we intend to set up a beta patch system. Those who wish to participate in these more experimental patches will help us make the game better, and get a sneak peak at upcoming changes and additions!

Keep playing, keep posting and cya in the air!

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