Take On Helicopters – ‘Hind the Scenes!

As we’re nearing the launch of Take On Helicopters: Hinds, we sat down with Lukáš Miláček - Executive Producer – for a quick Q&A session about the forthcoming DLC package.

Take On Interview

Take On Interview

While discussing the past, present and future, he also dropped in 2 new screenshots of the beast in question!

Hi Lukáš, can you tell us a little bit about your role as Take On Helicopters’ Executive Producer?

I’ve been working at Bohemia Interactive for more than 8 years now. Basically, as the Executive Producer, I maintain the project’s entire backlog, watch over deadlines and do all of the necessary paperwork. Also, with Take On Helicopters, I’ve had the opportunity to work on some of the game mechanics related to the helicopter flight experience. There’s also been the rewarding opportunity to showcase our game at various expos, like the Paris Airshow. It’s been a fantastic experience gathering feedback from real-life pilots and integrating it back into our game, and the real-life experiences I’ve had with flying gliders and helicopters have certainly come in handy, too!

How did the release of Take On Helicopters go and what have you been doing afterwards?

Of course, as a producer, I was proud to see the game finished on time and incorporating more than 90% of our original ‘pre-production wish list’! Overall, I think this project has been a great success and I’ve really enjoyed the response we’ve received so far. After its release, I’ve spent most of my time working on flight model improvements and gathering reference materials we’ve needed to recreate the Hind.

You’ve announced the Take On Helicopters: Hinds DLC. Why the Hind?

As many gamers like to fire weapons and to compete in multiplayer sessions, even with helicopters, we decided to bring a little bit more combat gameplay into Take On Helicopters. The Hind, a heavy flying gunship and troop transport helicopter, is simply a legend. Also, Russian helicopters tend to fly differently than their western counterparts (e.g. clockwise turning main rotor, no torque limitation), which should add some nice variety to the game.

Cruising low over Shapur e-Dalanper

Can you explain a bit more about the content in Take On Helicopters: Hinds?

For the Hinds DLC, we chose to include the Mi-24V, Mi-24P and SuperHind variants. These helicopters have various loadouts consisting of cannons, chain guns, unguided and guided rockets. In addition, we painted them with many historical skins. Based on the new missile technology, we’ll also soon be adding a couple of light and medium military helicopter variants, armed with TOW missiles.

Flight model
Although Take on Helicopters does not aim to be a training simulator, we did try to incorporate most of the distinct Hind flight characteristics into the flight model. All of the settings were made by a physicist with plenty of experience in simulating the flight dynamics of real aircrafts. All values are based on reference data from real helicopter manuals and the feedback provided by a Czech Air Force pilot of the 221 Tiger Squadron. We also had the opportunity to make an authentic sound recording of the Mi-24 on the 22nd Air force base in Namest nad Oslavou (CZ).

Time Trials & Challenges
There are three singleplayer missions, which feature the various roles a Hind can play on the battlefield – patrol, support and attack. These missions are semi-procedurally generated, which means that flight routes and targets will differ each time you play them. Also, for those who like to master the Hind and battle against time, we’ve created 5 new Time Trials. Last but not least, the new multiplayer scenario will let players ‘dogfight’ each other.

Overall gameplay
The Hind can attack with SACLOS guided missiles that need a constant lock on targets before impact. This new game mechanic was developed in co-operation with the Arma 3 team. Some of the other elements we brought from the Arma series are the radar, threat warning detection and countermeasures for players to defend themselves against various ground and airborne threats.

An American pilot getting trained in a Czech Hind

What will the Take On Helicopters team be working on from now?

We plan to support Take On Helicopters with further updates and by providing more information about modifying the game. Meanwhile, a number of our team will be contributing to the ongoing development of Arma 3. I look forward to take on even more community made Time Trials, scenarios and custom helicopter skins!

Take On Helicopters: Hinds will be released on Thursday March 15.