Take On FS Weekend!

This weekend, a couple of the team are heading down to The Netherlands to demonstrate Take On Helicopters, as part of FSWeekend 2011!

Take On FSWeekend!

Take On FSWeekend!

The event welcomes enthusiastic flight-simmers to the Aviodrome at Lelystad Airport November on 5 & 6, 2011.

Project Lead (and Dutch national), Joris-Jan van ‘t Land will travel along with Executive Producer, Lukáš Miláček, and demonstrate Take On at the Simware Simulations booth.

Take On Speedle!Take On ConstructionTake On Butterflies

The guys will be using a full version of the Flight Link system, so if you’d like to step into the cockpit, head on down!

More details about the event to be found on the official website of the event, and the aviodrome.