Prague, Czech Republic, October 6th – Bohemia Interactive are pleased to announce that the official website of their upcoming PC game Take on Helicopters has a newly published feature on the environments to be found within Take on Helicopters.

Scheduled for an October 27th release, Take on Helicopters lets gamers experience the highs and lows of operating a small, family run, commercial helicopter business. Primarily set in Seattle, USA and South Asia, Take on Helicopters pushes the boundaries of high quality landscapes with no compromises on detail.

Seattle: The Seattle terrain offers a variety of urban and natural points of interest. The commercial Downtown district of Seattle – with its numerous tall buildings and landmarks – gives way into more industrial and residential areas along Puget Sound.

South Asia: The South Asia terrain creates a mix of wild, open spaces cut with deep valleys, tall mountain ranges and dense green zones.

For full details including high quality screenshots and satellite data, visit the Environment feature on the official Take on Helicopters website: http://helicopters.takeonthegame.com/about-the-game/environment/