Take On Editing!

Take On Helicopters offers players a powerful – sometimes overwhelming – Editor.

Take On Editing!

Take On Editing!

To help decode the mysteries, we’ve tried to introduce new players to the basics, and show some veteran users a little of the new features introduced by this project.

Across on the official Bohemia Website, we’ve posted a blog, where 3 members of the team discuss the editor, the improvements that have been made, and the sample mission which we’ve provided. Here’s a short extract:

The Editor is a powerful system – an important pillar of the community content-creation toolset. It enables players to build anything from simple to really quite complex gameplay, resulting in countless publicly-released custom scenarios, campaigns and game-modes. It’s a system that’s been developed and augmented over ten years. It presents a range of useful tools and, of course, all the problems associated with integrating new features, while trying to retain a manageable UI. Suffice to say, we felt it deserved a little bit of attention.

Below you’ll find some downloadable missions, which correspond to step-by-step guides, which you can find on the community wiki.

The sample missions are designed to introduce players that are completely unfamiliar with the editor with some fun, easily customisable gameplay.

You can download the missions below! Have fun, and be sure to search for solutions to your problems, and discuss your work on the official forums!

Sample Mission Read Me
Sample Mission 1 Sample Mission 1 readme
Sample Mission 2 Sample Mission 2 readme