Take On Beta Patches!

As promised earlier in our patching road map, today we have begun rolling out Beta Patches. Any willing test pilot with a copy of TKOH is now able to fly new iterations of the game before they are officially released.

Be aware that these are experimental versions which may crash or have partially broken features!

Beta Patches

Take On Beta Patches!

It is our intention to regularly refresh the beta patches, so that reported issues and added features can be quickly tested. Some of these features are so complex and large, we feel it is necessary to have a wide range of players try them before unleashing them in a public official patch release.

The first beta patch focuses primarily on upgrading the RotorLib flight models to version 4.0 specifications (we launched at 3.3). Since the flight dynamics are at the heart of the game, this can potentially affect all parts of TKOH. Further updates will target the other two pillars of the next large patch: Java and one we’ll talk about soon.

The full details are packaged in with the read me file and change log, bundled with our distribution! Team Take On hopes you like this approach to patch development, and will enjoy the future of helicopter flight in Take On Helicopters!