Take On Benchmarks!

Back by popular demand, patch 1.03 includes a new benchmark for all to try!

Take On Benchmarks!

Take On Benchmarks!

Now you, the player, can choose to finely tune your game-settings by running a consistent set of events that include the most commonly-used systems in TKOH, such as RotorLib & AI simulation.

The benchmark is also broken up into sections, the names of which can be found under the frames per second (FPS) counter in the top right-hand corner, which allow you to pinpoint more accurately where you may have any issues.

TKOH Benchmark 1TKOH Benchmark 1TKOH Benchmark 3


…The Good

Not only will this allow you to fix any issues of your own that you encounter, but it can also be of assistance to us in helping to locate and fix problems all players may be facing. Finally, once the benchmark has finished, you are given a results screen displaying your minimum, average, and maximum FPS.

…The Bad

While the benchmark does currently test most of the TKOHs systems, it doesn’t currently include a test for our Picture in Picture technology. We are now looking into how best to implement this, and it will hopefully make its way into a future patch.

…The heck do I find it?

The benchmark can be found on the main menu under Challenges as “Benchmark (Seattle)”. Run it as you would any other Challenge, enjoy the music, and let it go through its paces uninterrupted before reviewing your results. Feel free to post them on our forums, along with any issues you may have had, but try to include the specs of your PC in as much detail as possible as well as the version of TKOH that you are running. Happy benchmarking!