Beta patches

Welcome to the Take On Helicopters Beta Patches!

Important: these releases are very much Work-In-Progress (WIP) and do not feature final content. We’ll try to list major known issues, but if you are not willing to deal with WIP features, bugs or instability, please do not try these releases and wait for the next official patch to be finished!

We look forward to receiving your feedback on our official forums, where you can discuss these releases.  The Community Issue Tracker is also kindly providing a project category to post issues to directly, which is useful for keeping a track of known issues.

Latest beta patch Changelog Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_06_97057.log
Previous versions Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_06_96166.log Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_06_95875.log Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_06_95741.log Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_05_91893.log Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_05_91543.log Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_05_90443.log Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_04_89942.log Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_03_89707.log Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_03_89299.log Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_03_88888.log Take_On_Helicopters-Beta_Patch-1_03_88791.log