Lark Rising

Take On Career!

Harry Larkin was a well known name in the Seattle aviation sector; his passing came as a bitter loss to many, and a business opportunity for a few. Harry left behind the business he spent his whole life building, and his two sons, Joe and Tom.

Built up over decades, Larkin Aviation has fallen on tough times – now only weeks away from closure. The Larkin brothers face an uncertain future. Together, they must take on contracts and competitors; together, they take on helicopters!


Joe Larkin

Joseph Larkin "We've got one last chance, y'know? We've gotta seize it - we owe it to dad."

Tom Larkin

Tom Larkin "Uh, thanks guys, it's... it's good to finally be here."

Andrew Craymer

Andrew Craymer "She's a real beauty, huh? The beat of that engine - the blades - oh, it's poetic, right?"

Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly "You know, son, they say helicopters don't fly - they just beat the air into submission!"

Howard Maddox

Howard Maddox "Yup, now that's a story I'd need a beer to tell you about!"

Michelle Carmichael

Michelle Carmichael "Well Hello, Tom! You may be pleased to know that it's a simple enough contract today: transporting cargo."

Brian Frost

Brian Frost "Larking, you're bloody late! Bring the chopper in position over here - think you can manage that?"

William J.R. Haydon

William J. R. Haydon "Although, they do say 'pride comes before a fall', do they not, Mr Larkin?"


In pre-production, we created an ‘extended text’ version of the story, to help give us some ideas and inspiration for the main arc of the Career Mode.

Included below are the texts from the first three ‘chapters’ of the story, Lark Rising, which you can read online, or you can access a PDF of all three here.

The Brothers LarkinThe Brothers LarkinThe Rising TideThe Rising TideOperation LongbowOperation Longbow