With its four-blade composite main rotor system, this is a proven multi-role helicopter capable of many emergency rescue and law enforcement roles. It replaces an older, but similar model which featured only two rotor blades.

This class of helicopter is known for its reliability in extreme conditions and climates. It has a large cabin which can cater for cargo or up to thirteen passengers. The tough construction and bulkheads provide protection to those inside in case of roll-over. Having two engines also allows the aircraft to land even after a full single engine malfunction.

Empty weight 3100kg
Usable fuel capacity 1000kg (1251l)
Endurance 222min
Maximum external load 2041kg
Design gross weight (max. fuel and passengers) 4763kg
Maximum weight (with external load) 5398kg
Performance with design weight (4763kg)
Maximum cruise speed 232kmh (at sea level)
Maximum rate of climb 6.86ms

Coast Guard

Coast Guard

This is the specially-equipped Search and Rescue variant of the medium class of helicopters. Its interior caters for in-flight medical assistance, and it features wider side-doors that offer more cabin space to patients on stretchers.

Finding casualties stranded in hard-to-reach locations is assisted by a searchlight. Getting them aboard can be achieved through the use of a winch system, which lowers a rescue-worker down, attaches the casualty to his harness and raises them both towards the helicopter.



A medium helicopter variant – custom-tailored for the State Sheriff’s Office – identified by its unique paint scheme and markings. It comes equipped with a powerful searchlight to illuminate the environment in low-visibility conditions.

This helicopter is also frequently used to deploy tactical law enforcement officers by means of fast-rope insertion. The ropes are attached to both sides of the cabin, enabling officers to quickly rope down. Once everyone is safely on the ground, the ropes are detached.



The executive and VIP market is expanding rapidly, and these types of client require more luxurious and comfortable helicopter configurations.

The executive model of the medium helicopter has an interior cabin with large leather seats and high quality interior finishing and details.


Military medium

While often used in civilian roles, the medium helicopter is perhaps even more well-known for its military service.

It can be expanded by various advanced systems and components, such as Forward-Looking InfraRed, a searchlight, a winch and cargo hooks.