Monthly Archives: March 2012

Take On Helicopters: Hinds Launches!

Lock on target – We have launched Take On Helicopters: Hinds - the first official DLC for Take On Helicopters. Bringing in a variety of helicopter gun-and-gameplay, Take On Helicopters: Hinds enlists players to become the pilot of the most iconic helicopter gunship ever: the …READ MORE

Take On Helicopters – ‘Hind the Scenes!

As we’re nearing the launch of Take On Helicopters: Hinds, we sat down with Lukáš Miláček - Executive Producer – for a quick Q&A session about the forthcoming DLC package. While discussing the past, present and future, he also dropped in …READ MORE

Take On Patches – Cougar!

Whirlybirds and grease monkeys – We’ve released a major new update for Take On Helicopters! Patch 1.04 – codenamed Cougar – refines the experience of flying across the wide variety of helicopter gameplay by implementing a massive upgrade to the flight …READ MORE