Monthly Archives: December 2011

Take On Holiday Gifts!

It’s been a busy week for us here at Team Take On, as we’ve been putting together a whole bunch of goodies! Read on to make sure that you’re fully up to date with all of our December releases and …READ MORE

Take On Environments Interview!

Across on the official Bohemia Interactive Website, we’ve just released an interview about environment design in Take On Helicopters. Head on over to get the full interview, where one of Bohemia Interactive’s World Design Leads, some ‘behind the scenes’ images, …READ MORE

Take On Narrative!

Yes, we’ve been at it again, this time musing wildly on the thorny subject of narrative in Take On Helicopters. We take a look at why we’ve included story elements at all – in a genre not typically known for …READ MORE

Take On Helicopters – Behind the Scenes!

We’ve collected a selection of photos from throughout the development of Take On Helicopters! Check out our gallery to get a feel of the kinds of thing we got up to as we took helicopters from prototype to launch!

Take On Benchmarks!

Back by popular demand, patch 1.03 includes a new benchmark for all to try! Now you, the player, can choose to finely tune your game-settings by running a consistent set of events that include the most commonly-used systems in TKOH, …READ MORE