Monthly Archives: September 2011

Take On Pre-Order Beta

The Take On Helicopters Pre-Order Beta rewards those who’ve pre-ordered the game with a generous batch of early-access content, playable above a huge section of the Seattle terrain! The beta is now available for those who’ve pre-ordered the game ahead …READ MORE

Take On Release Date and Pre-Order Beta

Prague, Czech Republic, September 15th – Bohemia Interactive are delighted to officially confirm an October 27th release date for Take On Helicopters. Also announced today is a massive Pre-Order bonus for the upcoming PC Helicopter Game: Pre-Order the game now …READ MORE

Take On Helicopters Military Career

Prague, Czech Republic, September 13th – Bohemia Interactive is delighted to release Intel for our upcoming helicopter game Take On Helicopters which looks at the military side of the game. We’ve talked a lot about the civilian aspect of Take …READ MORE

Take On South Asia!

We’ve put together a short teaser of the military side of Take On Helicopters’ career mode.  Although we’re primarily a civil-based chopper game, we also feature military variants of each of our three classes of helicopter, with missions to support …READ MORE

Take On Paris!

We’re gearing up to demonstrate our latest build of Take On Helicopters at the 6th Annual Paris simulations expo, from Sept 30 to Oct 2!